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Friday, March 9, 2012

Expenses up, Income down. Sigh.


So it looks like I have to tighten the ship around here. The financial one that is. Pirates have been spotted on the horizon and they’re after my gold.

In plain english- my hubs called with some unsettling news. He only gets to work 2 days next week. He’s our main source of income. That is going to be a big blow to our budget. I do work, but my part-time job is supposed to be for extras like home improvement, adding to our savings, paying down debt & maybe a little bit of fun every now & then. It’s not enough to even come close to making up for what he’ll lose in his next paycheck.

And of course this news comes AFTER I squeezed out the money for Eldest to take driver’s training. (Not a cheap decision.) And right after I get an estimate for how much the rest of Eldest’s dental care is going to cost. (Oral surgery is not cheap.) And this is in addition to the cost of the orthodontist’s costs. Oh- and our “rent” is going up next month too.

It seems everything is on the rise & adding up- gas, food, expenses, bills- except our income! I know in my heart we’ll manage & make it through, but it doesn’t stop the worry, the stress & the bit of panic from welling up inside me. I’m going to have to combat it with smarts & frugality. The budget I started, but didn’t completely finish? That’s going to be trimmed & tightened even more and put into effect immediately. Any place I can drop stuff I’m going to have to. The only problem is- that’s hard to do when you don’t have much extra to start with!

Well- enough complaining about finance for today. I should spend some of my time & energy with my finance binder to get a good idea of how this is going to affect us and what I can do to minimize the damage. I think some chocolate might help this be more bearable………….

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