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Monday, February 27, 2012

Another angel for Heaven


It’s with tears in my eyes and a heavy heart that I type this. I’ve sat here most of the day feeling sad and wishing there was a way I could make things better for others. Sometimes I can't understand why life has to be so hard. A friend of ours lost his son yesterday. I still don’t understand how such a healthy, vibrant young man could be gone so quickly. We were all worried when we heard that he was found unconscious as he was walking to a friends house and the doctor’s couldn’t find out what was wrong. Our thoughts & prayers were with him & his family as we awaited news. Nothing conclusive ever came. Never in our thoughts did we imagine he wouldn’t make it, that they wouldn’t “fix” him- he was to young, to good of a kid, to full of LIFE. So it was an even greater shock when we heard the news when we got home last night. In the space of a week he went from bowling awesome in a tournament to his family having to make the decision to let him go because they son they knew & loved wasn’t here anymore.

I can’t begin to imagine how his parents feel. How his brothers that he was so close to feel. What’s making it hit home even harder is he was friends with my oldest. He was about the age of my boy. I look at Eldest and I can’t even imagine my life without him. It’s just crazy to even contemplate. Yet that’s the reality a family has to face now.

He was such a great kid. I remember before they moved the brothers would always stop at the house and talk and hang out. Everyone loved him & his brothers. Why does things like this have to happen to such good people?

This has made me appreciate every moment I have with my boys & makes me want to hug them close every chance I can get. I don’t know how I would survive without them.

All my love, prayers, thoughts & everything I have go out to the Sparh & Herman family and to all his friends. God Bless you Owyn- Heaven is lucky to have gained such an angel as you.

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